Additional Services

Beyond certification, AFI can assist you by collecting data on your existing furniture, fixtures, and equipment; analyzing your needs; and making recommendations for future growth and purchases including the following

Site Verification

Collect an organization's as-built inventory of existing building conditions of the site.  This inventory helps with understanding existing lighting levels, flooring and slip resistance or trip hazards, visual cues such as legible signage, hardware for access into areas, hand rails for grip, steps or appropriate ramps, textures or colors for contrast, walkways or passage ways are accessible throughout your spaces, keeping in mind safety.

FF&E Inventory

Collecting an organization's existing inventory of furniture, fixtures, and equipment.  This inventory helps with understanding existing ergonomics and to assess future needs.  For example, determine if arm heights are appropriate on all seating; if equipment is accessible; if numbers and buttons are legible on equipment; if colors on seating or floors have contrast for visibility.  Items are viewed from the viewpoint of the health and safety for employees and customers.

FF&E New

Contract with organizations to review and make proposals for updating ergonomics and office layout needs.  If new furniture, fixtures, or equipment is needed, we will work with your organization to procure the needed items.

Behavioral Mapping

A behavioral map is an observational tool using a drawn-to-scale map of an environment where notations are made of behavior as it occurs in its true location on the map.  Notations are made in a code (using numbers, letters, images/icons, and/or colored shapes) with a specific pre-established time frame for the observation.  These maps are used to review patterns of movement or behaviors, thus improving the efficiency of customer service.

Art, Accessories & Signage

Aesthetics and way-finding are items that are often overlooked.  We can assist you in procuring art, accessories, and signage to assist your customers and employees in locating spaces and services (such as reception areas, restrooms, lockers, conference rooms, procedure rooms – all public spaces).

Move Management

Many organizations have departments and spaces that fluctuate.  We have extensive experience in coordinating smooth transitions between existing and new spaces.