AFI seeks to help organizations address the needs of the aging demographic in today's workplace.  The goal is twofold: to acknowledge those organizations that have instituted and promoted best practices toward employment, service and independence, and to assist those organizations striving to do so. Consequently, the organizations are recognized as going above and beyond the government-mandated ADA requirements, thus benefiting the organization's goals, the community of aging adults, and the community at large.

The goal of AFI certification is to determine how your organization's work environment (spatial, cultural, health and psychological) impacts:

  • Productivity
  • Company culture
  • Interpersonal interactions
  • Team building
  • Job satisfaction
  • Company turnover
  • Company revenues/net profits
  • Overhead expenses
  • Employee health
  • Employee retention for the older worker.

We seek to provide practical design options to create optimal working conditions for the multi-generational mix in the workplace.